Business Savings

Even businesses need to save for rainy days.  The Business Savings account is a secure way to build a cushion for unexpected events.  This account earns interest, is insured by the FDIC and is accessible by online and mobile banking.    

  • $1,000 minimum balance or $10 monthly fee
  • Interest bearing
  • Free Remote Deposit
  • Limited to six not-in-person withdrawals per month

Business Money Markets

A business Money Market Account pays varying interest based on the balance you have in your account—the higher the balance or tier, the more interest paid.  The interest rate is automatically increased as your balance reaches the next tier so you can tend to your business and not have to worry about shopping interest rates.  With limited check writing capabilities, we combine the earnings feature of a savings account with the convenience of a checking account. 

  • $10,000 minimum balance or $10 monthly fee
  • Tiered interest 
  • Free Remote Deposit