First Security Bank of Helena is now Ascent Bank!

Same owners, same staff, new name. We know that you have questions about this change, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Will my checks still work? 
Absolutely! No need to order new checks. Your account number and your routing number will not change. The next time you order checks, they’ll have our new name (Ascent Bank).   If you order checks from an outside check company, just make sure to tell them the bank name has changed.

Will I need to replace my debit card? 
No. We will be issuing new debit cards soon with additional features such as an EMV chip. When you get your new card it will have the Ascent Bank name. In the meantime, if your card is lost stolen or damaged, or you open a new account, we will issue a new card with the Ascent Bank name.

Will I have to sign new loan documents? 
No, all of your current documents stay in place. Nothing new to sign for any loan documents. If you get a new loan, it will have the new bank name on the documents.

Will any of the existing bank policies change?
No, we are keeping our policies and procedures the same. We are looking at adding new features, products, and services to better serve you, and those might come with some new policies.

Why the name change?
In today’s connected world, where we can shop anywhere and conduct business next door, nationally or around the globe, it’s confusing when more than one unaffiliated companies share the same name. And we just wanted to stand out on our own. Nothing else has changed - only the name.

If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.